The AV SDK was released at the very beginning of 2011. In less than a year, three products have emerged: AV Bible 2011, Captavate Reflection, and RT Bible. The simplicity of the SDK facilitated quick and seamless integration, allowing developers to focus on core product functionality. Searching and publishing of the most accurate AV bible text on the web was provided by the AV SDK. Please note that this SDK is designed for software developers and engineers (if you're not a programmer, it will likely be of little value).
AV 2011 SDK Documentation
Binary File representing the entire AV (aka KJV) text of the bible
Binary file containing a Lexicon of English words used throughout the AVBible.2011 text
Binary file containing "Strongs" numbers. This optional file should be handled in parallel with AVBible.2011
UPDATED: Sample Sources (C++ & C#) for the the SDK.